The Six Sisters and their Flying Carpets

sixsistersSix sisters live with their parents in a big house that has grand carpets in every room. Every spring, the sisters fly the carpets through the rain to wash them all, but one day, the Prince of the Province arrives and demands that the sisters teach him how to fly the carpets. Each sister offers a different way to fly, but the prince never learns, so he takes all of the carpets away.

The sisters are undeterred and continue to joyfully fly whatever they can find.

This book, written by Adam Ford, was inspired by a photograph on his friend Damon Schreiber’s photo-blog titled “The Six Sisters and their Magic Carpets.”

This book was illustrated by Kristin Abbott. Her work can be seen at




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More Information About This Book

While The Six Sisters and their Flying Carpets is basically about each sister’s style of flying, it is based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The author has prepared an online slideshow which runs through the book and follows with information on each multiple intelligence, relating each one to a character in the book. Please contact us for a link to this presentation.